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Like the TV show (but less words).

Leading up to Christmas can, for many families, feel like being in the middle of a television drama. The emotions are high, the drama is high, and the Christmas cheer is lost for all if it is not dealt with appropriately and efficiently. This is always a difficult time of year, and every family, and their extended families, have their own views as to how things should play out.

At this time of year the everyday pressures seem to be amplified due to money issues (Christmas can be expensive, as can time off work), parenting arrangements (how are we going to share the children’s time when we both want them) and well-meaning families (putting pressure on everyone to let them do it “their way”).

So how do we move forward during this time? Of prime importance is an appropriately qualified solicitor, who has the distance from the situation (although they are representing you) to advise you calmly of the best way forward for your particular needs. This can assist you to be more insightful as you are calmly navigated through the rough waters leading up to these “fun” family occasions.

In my experience, the earlier the discussions and negotiations are commenced, the better they are likely to resolve. As the time pressure increases, particularly as firms generally shut for the break (this year being from about 22 December until around 8 January for most), it is important to give yourself long enough to make arrangements leading up to this closure. Our firm, while it does close, offers our clients an emergency phone number, if the situation becomes urgent. This means that you can call and speak to a family lawyer during the break who will assist where possible or send a message to your usual solicitor so they can contact you directly.

So, with all of this in mind, we at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law wish you the best for the upcoming holiday season!