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Another Shot at Love

By 12 February 2018Family Law, Separation
Never Again

Lynn Armstrong, Senior Associate and Accredited Family Law Specialist
Best Wilson Buckley Family Law

It’s the time of year again for love, with the romance of Christmas and holidays and Valentine’s Day just around the corner. The excitement and joy of the new beginnings (or older stability) of romance and love, should not bring concern for the future, although for those of us who have previously had relationships that have ended, there can be.

“Never again” is often the last thing that people say to me as a family lawyer at the end of their matter. Although over the years I often see those same people some time later with a new de facto partner or married, and for the unfortunate few, in a situation of separation once more.

If you are one of the many that fit into the previously separated category (for want of a better phrase), it is important, for your wellbeing and that of your children, that you consider how your new love is going to impact on both your personal family situation as well as your ongoing financial security.

For those of us who see people at one of the most difficult points in their lives, we don’t want to see the new love dimmed by dispute when it can be very easily sorted out (if the worst was to happen later) at any early date.

Things such as mutual debts, tenants in common (instead of joint tenancy) when purchasing property, and wills and estates should all be considered, along with beneficiaries for superannuation and life insurances. At the end of the day, there are very few of us who would not wish for our children and other family members to be appropriately protected if the worst was to happen.

Such discussions can be hard to start, but in a majority of occasions can be undertaken in a friendly and amicable basis – after all what everyone is doing is protecting themselves, their families, and their new romance. At the end of the day who doesn’t want to stop a dispute if they can?

While the romance continues, and the flowers bloom, ensure you seek the advice you need.