At BWB one of our core values is ‘Building a specialist workforce of exceptional professionals’. Not to brag, but we live this value each and every day and are exceptionally proud of our entire team.

Recently we have had a chance to celebrate a few of our team members even more than usual through a series of internal promotions culminating at the end of July.

We’re pleased to share this great news with you and invite you to celebrate with us.

  • Andrew McCormack, promoted to Senior Associate
  • Zoe Adams, promoted to Associate
  • Katherine Marshall, promoted to Senior Solicitor
  • Carla Franchina, promoted to Senior Solicitor
  • John Patterson, promoted to Solicitor
  • Max Sutton, promoted to Office Manager

Over the coming weeks we will also start publishing a little insight from all of our team members about why they do what they do: why family law?

We invite you to get to know us all a little better. Keep an eye out!