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The Door is Always Open…

By 12 June 2017Family Law, General

When people talk to me about family law I often describe how we actually deal with a whole host of other areas of law that come within the family law context. There are always the common areas of property, parenting and divorce.  Depending on the circumstances there are also the more specific areas of domestic and family violence, child support, adoption, surrogacy, child protection and planning types of Financial Agreements.

I recently had occasion to look at some files from my colleagues in our Brisbane, Toowoomba, Ipswich & North Lakes offices. What struck me at first was just how much the firm has grown since I joined in January 2015, after having worked in Brisbane for nearly 10 years.

Best Wilson Buckley now has 15 lawyers and another 3 legally qualified support staff. Amongst those, we have Accredited Family Law Solicitors and Specialists with well over 15 years of experience in Family Law. Even the most junior solicitor still has 2 ½ years’ experience. Without engaging in the trite exercise of adding up the collective number of years of experience, suffice to say it is a lot.

By looking at some files what also became apparent was the scale of clients that we assist from time to time. At various times we are acting in matters that are conducted in most of the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court Registries in Queensland and New South Wales with a few matters in Victoria and the Family Court of Western Australia as well. Our clients come from all over Australia and are based both here and overseas.

Why does all that matter? Well in short in means that across our offices we are collectively building and refining our approach to almost every aspect of family law all the time. We catch up with one another, talk and share our experiences before or after a particular Court event and the nuisances that went into getting that great outcome. If someone wants to run a particular strategy or tactic, type of order or approach by someone else it’s as simple as a quick email to all lawyers and within about 10 minutes there will be at least 2 or 3 helpful responses. In our Toowoomba office, not only is the door always open for lawyers to speak to one another but most of our space is open plan and there is quite literally no door at all.

No matter which individual lawyer you are dealing with at our firm, you are actually getting the benefit of our collective experience. While you may never see other lawyers names on a letter or your court documents, you can be very confident that behind the scenes we are regularly seeking out one another and ensuring that our collective knowledge of family law is being directed to getting the best outcome for you and your matter.

What’s even better is that if something is outside our expertise as family lawyers we have a wealth of contacts, referrers and other sources that we can tap into or refer you to get any specific advice you need. Whether that is a new Will, tax and accounting advice, a psychologist, counsellor, valuer or any other kind of expert, chances are one of us will have come across the issue before and will know just who is going to be the best person to assist. Just because we currently only have offices in Queensland doesn’t mean that we can’t help you if you are in another state.

Contact our team of experienced Toowoomba family law lawyers today for an appointment to discuss your family law needs, or to get a second opinion from someone that practises in family law every day.