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Fixed Fee Divorce

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Best Wilson Buckley Family Law – Fixed Fee Divorce

We offer a convenient fixed fee divorce package if you would like to involve us, and can take the hassle and unknown out of your divorce.

Do you meet the Fixed Fee Divorce Criteria?

  • You have been married for at least 2 years and can provide a marriage certificate
  • You have separated from your spouse
  • You have lived separately and apart for at least 12 months
  • Your spouse consents to the divorce
  • Proper care arrangements have been made for all children currently aged under 18
  • You and your spouse are Australian citizens or residents, and consider Australia to be your permanent residence

Even if you do not meet these criteria, we can still help you – however, it may attract some additional fees and we will undertake every effort to minimise these for you.

Our Fees

Our Fixed Fee Divorce Package is $900 plus GST, as well as the Court filing fee of $930. Discounts on filing fees are available for holders of concession cards.

This fee is based on the criteria above. Our team can advise on any additional complexities and fees over the phone; call us now and find out. We always work to minimise your legal costs where we can.

Our Process

  • Contact Best Wilson Buckley Family Law and engage us as your divorce agent.
  • We’ll ask you to complete a brief questionnaire about the marriage – this can be done by emailonline, or with a Solicitor in our office.
  • You deposit funds to our Trust Account for the fixed fee and filing fee.
  • Our qualified Solicitor will prepare a draft Application for Divorce.
  • Obtain a marriage certificate if you don’t have one.
  • You will be provided with a draft of the Application to review and provide approval.
  • You can meet with our team to have the approved Application signed and witnessed, or we can provide you with a copy to print, sign and have witnessed by a JP, Commissioner of Declarations or Solicitor closer to you.
  • The Application for Divorce will be served to your spouse or their Solicitor.
  • Your Application for Divorce is filed with the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and allocated a hearing date.
  • Our Solicitor will appear on your behalf, usually via phone.
  • Your Divorce Order will be issued 1 month and 1 day after the hearing date.
  • You’re divorced. Our Toowoomba family lawyers will provide you with a copy for your files, and Best Wilson Buckley Family Law will also retain a certified copy in our Safe Custody free of charge.

Other Considerations

  • You and your spouse have children aged under 18 years
  • Your spouse files a response that they do not agree to the Application for Divorce
  • You are still living under the same roof, albeit separately
  • The marriage was for a period of less than two (2) years
  • Your spouse cannot be located
  • This service relates only to an Application for Divorce, which does not include financial or property settlement arrangements.

Our team can provide information on what these additional complexities will mean for your Application as well as any additional fees that this may attract. Contact our Family Lawyers Brisbane via this form, or email or use our online questionnaire.

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