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Happy New (Financial) Year

happy financial year

As the accountants are gearing up to tackle your shoebox of receipts and process your tax returns, we’re taking the time to stop and reflect on the financial year that was. We have a lot to be proud of as a firm, and especially so from the last financial year.

So what did Best Wilson Buckley get up to in the last financial year?

We grew to connect with more communities.

This year marked the one year anniversary for our Ipswich office, and was also the beginning of our connection with the North Lakes community. Both of these communities have welcomed us with open arms and have been incredibly supportive of our firm and the local teams.

To bring on line these new offices and continue to support our clients we have also welcomed a fantastic cohort of lawyers, management and support staff across our locations. To top it all off we got to celebrate the admission of our future family lawyers in Max Sutton, Kiara Greenway and Hillary McVeigh.

Our team is now the largest specialist family law team in Queensland, which includes three Accredited Family Law Specialists. This is not merely a numbers game and speaks more to the depth and breadth of our team across all of our communities, and the spectrum of support that we can provide to our clients and to each other. It is the bringing together of such wonderful family lawyers that makes us so unique and so very excited for the future.

We contributed.

We’ve always been a firm believer that “local is lovely”, incredibly proud of our rural roots and pleased to be a part of our local communities. So, it’s only natural that we would give back and support those who continue to support us.

This financial year saw one of the greatest contributions ever from our team in donating Christmas and Easter gifts to children in care. These gifts were our way of letting the children know that they are loved and valued at what can be a very difficult time for those that find themselves in that situation.

There was also ongoing support for sporting clubs, schools and higher education in each of our local areas as part of our desire to contribute to the growth of our communities’ futures.

In recognition of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, our team also volunteered their time to provide some of the most vulnerable members of our local communities with free legal advice in situations where they may not ordinarily be able to afford it.

We also embarked on what we hope to be a lifelong partnership with Safe Haven, a charity that works in domestic violence prevention, and is so closely aligned with our values that it makes our hearts sing. Our team is so excited to contribute in any way they can and we will most likely unashamedly be seeking the same of our networks, so be warned.

We nurtured the nurturers.

Our team spends each and every day working with our clients towards resolution. This absolutely drives us all and gives us energy, yet we all recognise the need to nurture ourselves so that we can continue to nurture each other and our clients.

That may sound a little corny, but hear us out. In November 2017 we ventured into the wilderness of the Lockyer Valley to spend two full days together to define exactly what it means to us to be part of the Best Wilson Buckley family. We laughed and we cried, and most importantly we emerged with a clear purpose about who we are collectively and individually and the values that make what we do possible. To read more about our firm values, you can read this article.

We were recognised.

Doyle’s Guide named our firm as a leading family law and divorce law firm in Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Western Queensland for the third consecutive year. Kara Best, Legal Practice Director and Accredited Family Law Specialist, and Reagan Wilson, Legal Partner, were also named in the 2018 listings as two of only three Preeminent Family Lawyers for the region, while Lynn Armstrong, Senior Associate and Accredited Family Law Specialist, was recognised as a Recommended Family Lawyer.  We also had Amity Anderson, Legal Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist, recognised as a Rising Star for Family Law in Queensland. This is an incredible honour and we sincerely appreciate all of our colleagues for recognising us in this way.  It is most humbling and confirming to know that our work is not only receiving great client outcomes but that it is recognised in the industry too.

Our Ipswich office was also nominated as a finalist for the 2017 Ipswich City Council New Business of the Year Awards and Ipswich Legal Partner, Amity Anderson, was also a finalist for the Young Business Person of the Year Award.

Well done to the whole team on these achievements.

We created a renewed sense of possibility for so many.

Our biggest accomplishment, the one that feeds our souls and is the reason we get up and come to work every morning, is the fact that we helped so many people at a time when they most needed it. In the last financial year, our team supported more than 1,000 new clients and their families to work towards a resolution and a new future.

What is so heart-warming is that our clients trusted us with their very own family and friends by referring them to our team; all the awards in the world cannot make up for that type of recognition and the opportunity to make a difference for the future of our clients. It’s also why we will continue to strive towards changing the way family law is practised and perceived for the betterment of our clients and their families.

So, that was our financial year in review. Well done to our team, clients and colleagues on making it through another year – especially one that went so quickly!

It’s time to switch gears and look at what the future brings through until June 2019 and the outlook is sunny with clear blue skies. While we’re sure it won’t all be smooth sailing, it’s impossible not to be excited about the opportunity that awaits us in remaining a stable force for our clients, strengthening our team and the options we can provide across the spectrum of family law, being responsive to the changing family law landscape, contributing to the greater good, and connecting with like-minded providers and agencies to drive our vision for a world where family law is practised a little differently to honour the time spent together and to recognise the uplifting aspects of what it means to be in the family law game.

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