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It goes without saying that separation is a significant event, with emotional, physical and financial repercussions. Accurate and timely information, emotional support and surrounding yourself with positive assistance is both crucial and the first step to re-building your life.

Whilst every couple is unique, reconciliation counselling may help you understand more about your feelings and help you decide whether to stay together or not. As solicitors, we are obliged to ensure that you have exhausted the prospect of reconciliation.

Now, if all else fails and separation must occur, it is natural to feel a range of different emotions, including grief, shock, relief, denial, sadness and anger. As family law solicitors we see people who exhibit all these behaviours. It is important to acknowledge that separation will affect everyone differently. You may be moving through the process of adjustment to separation at a different pace to your former partner, and it is important to be sensitive to different emotional responses.

The emotional experience of each of you will, in our experience, directly impact on your respective capacities for negotiation in relation to joint property and parenting issues. So, its important that your family law solicitor moves at a pace that is both respectful of where you’re at, but also protects and advances your legal position.

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