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Family Law Tips

Useful Tips for Family Law Clients

Katherine Marshall, Senior Solicitor

We’re well aware that meeting a family lawyer isn’t on anyone’s bucket list and we’re okay with that. As family lawyers, we are constantly looking for ways to help our clients traverse the difficult and challenging world of family law and here are some tips for when you find yourself having to meet one of us. These will assist you with a speedy resolution and to get the most out of your new family lawyer connection.

  1. Make Your Expectations Clear – Being upfront about what you expect from us and what you hope to get out of the relationship can only benefit you! It gives us a very clear idea of your wants and needs and helps us achieve your goals and outcomes.
  1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions –Speak up if you do not understand a particular aspect of your matter. Confront us – we love it.
  1. Keep listening…even though you may not like the advice – Sometimes our job is to provide you with advice you may not like to hear. Be assured that we are still on your side fighting for your best interests – providing you with advice you may not like is our job and this is what you pay us to do!
  1. Be Available – Your matter will progress much quicker and more smoothly if you are available for us to contact. After all, you are the client and we only act on your instructions.
  1. Be Understanding – Please be assured that if we do not respond to your email or telephone call straight away, we may be in a client meeting, mediation or possibly even in Court. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
  1. Carefully Consider Your Instructions – Please don’t feel any sort of pressure to make a snap decision about the direction of your matter. Take the time to carefully consider all the information and evidence. Phone a friend if you need to. We need you to provide us with carefully considered and informed instructions that you can live with.
  1. Be Proactive – We are not the only ones that can progress your matter – you can to. Find the documents we need you to find and talk to the people we need you to talk to. This will also save you both time and money.

By virtue of the process involved when separating from your partner, your lawyer naturally becomes significantly involved in your life. These simple strategies above can really help us to help you.