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Is your ex remarrying

Navigating through life after separating from your partner can be difficult enough without the added stress of your partner remarrying.

Many struggle with the thought of their ex re-partnering.

Some worry about the implications of the new partner on the children.  How is the new dynamic going to work? What are the kids going to think? How will they cope seeing their Father or Mother with a new person?  Is this new person going to be an appropriate step parent for my children?

Others are just deeply hurt by their ex’s new partner selection.  It can reignite feelings of rejection that they may have felt at the separation stage and can at times reopen the heartache of the divorce.  In some circumstances, some may feel replaced by the new spouse and may feel like their ex was shopping for a younger, better version of them.

Some begin to question and criticise their own relationship status.  Should they be further along in their current relationship? Should they be finding a new partner to move on with?

For some, it explains their breakup, namely that their ex has been interested in or seeing another person.  Many in this circumstance feel sorry for the new spouse – it’s only a matter of time before they are cheated on.

Others simply do not care.

Whatever your thoughts, whatever your feelings, there is no right way to respond – so don’t be too hard on yourself.

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