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It’s Just the Vibe of the Thing…

Team member

A great character once distilled a good passage of legal precedent into that most simple and understandable of phrases that still resonates with Australians all over today.

While on the surface such a phrase appears to lack meaning there is in fact a great deal of understanding and layering within it.

To channel our inner Dennis Denuto’s our team has just come out of a no-holds barred two days of togetherness time in an effort to distill the essence of Best Wilson Buckley Family Law into such a turn of phrase.

Not because we don’t value what that essence is and what goes into it. Rather quite the contrary, we know that what we have is somewhat magical and all encompassing and our intention is to be able to hold a mirror up to that phrase and reveal all of the layers within it.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve connected, we’ve shared, we’ve been vulnerable, we’ve been brutally honest with ourselves and each other and we’ve come out the other side with the clearest sense of who we are to ourselves, to each other, to our clients, to our colleagues and as part of the legal fraternity and wider community.

As a small firm we have a big dream and that is to shift how family law is practiced in such a way that we help separating parties to honour the time that they’ve had together and the family they’ve built, and we prioritise an optimal experience for the children involved. Rigid, black letter law, doesn’t do this naturally or well in our experience. We share a desire to see the “legal” better fit the “personal” experience of separating families.

All of this soul baring has enabled each of us to determine what it is that drives us on this journey each and every day – the values that we hold dear and the values that we share. It is our individual and collective desire to make this world a better place when we leave it than when we came into it, and working with separated families in a legal context is the means by which we do that.

Our values for ourselves, each other, our clients, our colleagues and our community are:

  • Nurture – to care for, protect, love and grow
  • Contribution – to craft better and more meaningful outcomes
  • Vision – to create purpose and identify options
  • Connection – to foster belonging
  • Stability – to provide security for the journey ahead

There it is, our essence distilled. What has quickly become evident is that there is nothing soft about these values, in many ways they are responsible for our collective strength and will no doubt fuel our continuing strength in the years to come.

Our challenge in coming weeks and months is to identify those ways that we live these at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law, and identify new ones for us to aspire to. Because the proof of our convictions is really in the pudding, and it is truly our vibe.

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