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Family law matters can be complex. Here are some things that you should know about Best Wilson Buckley

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Our team is the largest specialty family law team, enabled by a team of support staff across all of our locations.

Offering a depth and breadth of experience that is second to none, we are always looking for expert lawyers and support team members that ‘fit’ to become part of our team and the journey that Best Wilson Buckley Family Law is on. A journey where we provide a bespoke experience for every client that is normally only available in smaller firms, made possible by our insightful and empathetic team.

We achieve resolution for our clients in a way that honours the family they have spent time building and towards a renewed sense of possibility for their new future.

Our values were not created in a majestic boardroom overlooking the city and its winding river and then force-fed to the whole team. Rather, they are the collective result of the values that each of us hold dear in our professional and personal lives. They were also developed in a lovely little spot in the Lockyer Valley in true recognition of our regional roots! Find out more about how we crafted our values here.

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