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My Journey with Best Wilson Buckley Family Law

By 3 December 2019About Us
Max Sutton Solicitor

In my second year of university, I was fortunate enough to receive the “Best Wilson Buckley Family Law Scholarship” which provided me with $5,000 to put towards my studies, along with work experience at the practice. At the time I did not know what area of law I wanted to practice in, and was optimistic of working in foreign policy or international relations. Between you and me, I was even looking at the United Nations. Family law was the furthest thing from my mind.

However, I went along to work experience in September 2014 and assisted solicitors with legal research, drafting, and also attended at Court. This experience was eye-opening and gave me a better understanding of what it is to be a solicitor within a family law context. Even at this stage, I still didn’t know what area of law I wanted to practice in, however the opportunity presented itself for me to be able to work in an administration role at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law.

Working in admin at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law allowed me to continue with my full-time studies and provided me with further exposure on a practical level of what it means to be a solicitor.

After a while working as an administration assistant, I moved into a role as Office Manager whilst undertaking my practical legal training through the College of Law. This was an more of an eye-opening experience in the context of the inner functioning and management of a thriving law firm.  Then it was on to paralegal to one of the senior associates of the firm, working closely in drafting, day-to-day client contact, and the carriage of matters.

In October 2017 I was admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland and almost immediately after I started handling the firm’s divorce applications as my own files. Since this time I have moved into a fully-fledged solicitor’s position handling my own parenting and property settlement files, together with the odd divorce application.

Over the years, I have come to appreciate what family law has to offer to a practitioner and made a conscious decision to continue to practice in this area. I have been with Best Wilson Buckley Family Law for five years and throughout this time I have felt supported in my development as a solicitor and personally as well and consider myself extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with some of Queensland’s leading expert family lawyers and our broader support team.

I understand that for some young practitioners and even for students who have recently graduated, finding a job in the legal sector can be extremely difficult when you don’t have a level of experience that employers are looking for. Persist, be willing to roll your sleeves up and find your tribe. It’ll be worth it.

Best Wilson Buckley Family Law has allowed for me to not only complete my tertiary and post-graduate studies, they have also allowed me to embark upon a journey to grow into the solicitor that I wish to become and to provide nurture, stability and support to clients as they begin to move forward.

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