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Our Fees

Family law legal costs are not something we plan for in life.

And let’s be frank, you didn’t want to find yourself in need of family law advice. Now to add to that you have to pay for lawyers to interfere in your personal family life.

It is true that each family law matter is as unique as the family it involves. That makes it difficult to provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach to fees in family law. There are also many reasons, including legislation, that mean family lawyers cannot provide ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements in family law. To find out more about why, read this article.

We know that legal fees can be confusing and can get expensive. We will work with you to control the costs that you incur, ensure that you are understand how our costs work and that you are aware of your costs through monthly invoicing and estimates of costs along the way. It does not cost you anything to discuss your costs with us.

Our initial appointments are at a fixed price and will give you an idea of what the costs for your family law matter could look like.

Engaging a family lawyer is entirely up to you, as is the nature of that engagement. We will work with you and your budget to determine exactly what is needed to achieve resolution and design our strategy, fee structure and payment arrangement to suit. It is essential that you don’t start your new journey with financial baggage.

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