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John Patterson

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John Patterson

John is an Associate at Best Wilson Buckley’s Family Law and works across both our Toowoomba and Ipswich offices.

John began his legal career in a large top-tier commercial firm in Brisbane and worked across a variety of practice areas. He made the switch to family law in 2015 when he joined Best Wilson Buckley’s Brisbane team before relocating to Ipswich at the beginning of 2018 and working across both Ipswich and Toowoomba from 2020. His previous commercial experience has gifted John with a unique insight into the commercial realities facing his family law clients, and his realism and desire to contribute in a meaningful way is at the core of his client’s experience.

John shows great judgement and a realistic and insightful approach in his dealings with the family law system, and this approach is reflected in the beneficial outcomes he routinely achieves for his clients and their family. He possesses an intimate knowledge of the law and effectively applies that knowledge in such a way that enables him to tailor his approach to each unique client he interacts with. John is extremely personable and easily gains the trust of his clients, aiming to reduce emotional and financial stress every step of the way.

Originally from Toowoomba, John enjoys being a part of our Ipswich and Toowoomba teams and providing exceptional family law services to clients outside of the capital city and closer to his hometown. In addition to his Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, he holds a Bachelor of Business (Economics) from the Queensland University of Technology and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Expertise and Professional Qualifications

John’s previous commercial experience has gifted him with a unique insight into the commercial realities facing his family law clients. He is experienced in resolving complex property settlement matters, be it through agreement or litigation, and is well-rehearsed in preparing Financial Agreements. John also finds great satisfaction in resolving parenting matters in such a way that reduces conflict between parents and protects the best interests of his clients and their children.

Associations and Career Awards


  • Ipswich Law Association
  • Queensland Family Law Practitioners Association
  • Law Council of Australia
  • Golden Key International Honour Society
  • Ipswich Chamber of Commerce


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As a 42 year old man who wanted nothing more than to see his kids, courts and the family law process was a new and daunting experience.

I walked into John Patterson's office at BWB in Ipswich, with only the perception of what lawyers are like on TV and bad stories you hear from divorced men and women in crib rooms and offices.

After 3 years and a positive result, John and Courtney have changed my belief in what Lawyers and the legal process is really like.

John was the ultimate professional who helped me see the big picture and always had a plan and belief that we would get a good result, even when I doubted if it was worth it.

He was empathetic, honest, and ultimately, I walked away from every meeting and court with a sense that John was doing what's best for me and my kids.

He explained everything in layman's terms, he made time for me (even after hrs) there were no surprises, no unexpected costs, nothing that he didn't plan for or have an answer too.

I trust John, He is a good man, He knows more about the details of my divorce, ex-wife, kids and my life than most of my friends and family.

I can only compare this process to trying to fix a car without any mechanical expertise, yes, you can have a go yourself and read the car manual, google it, get friends advice, watch YouTube videos and spend lots of time and effort yourself and most cases make things worse or half do the job and give up, or you get a qualified mechanic to get it fixed correctly, quickly and with less stress.

If you're in the position that you need to go through family law and courts, I wouldn't want anyone else but John representing me.
Happy Client
Thank you all for your friendship, help and compassion over the last 12 months.
Happy Client
Thank you so much for what you have done for me. Without you I would not have survived. My gratitude cannot be expressed enough.
Happy Client

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