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Rylee Hayes

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Rylee Hayes

Rylee is a Paralegal in the firm’s Ipswich office and works predominantly with Legal Partner Amity Anderson.

Rylee joined Best Wilson Buckley Family Law in 2019 with nearly 8 years of experience providing secretarial and paralegal support in the areas of family law and child protection. With a knack for making clients feel at ease and supported, she is proactive in her workstyle and ensures she has a thorough understand of each client’s unique circumstances.

For most of our clients, engaging a family lawyer is a frightening and emotionally exhausting exercise. Rylee’s years of experience allow her to make this journey as simple as possible, without dismissing or discounting how a client may be feeling. For her, the goal is to see the relief on a client’s face when they know that people are on their team and are going to have their back.

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