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Parenting Coordination is a child focused dispute resolution for parents experiencing high conflict.

The process helps to refocus parents on the children’s needs by assessing the issues from both parents and attempting to resolve any conflict by focussing on the children’s best interests. Generally a Parenting Coordinator will use a case management approach and only revert to mediation or arbitration if absolutely needed.

The role of a Parenting Coordination is to assist and encourage parents to establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship and routine. This relationship will help identify and reduce parental conflict and any risk factors that can influence a child’s adjustment post-separation.

The aim of Parenting Coordination is to help parents with ongoing parenting arrangements, both before and after achieving final Court Orders.

The Parenting Coordinator will use different techniques through education and face-to-face sessions to help separated parents co-parent and make decisions together. By doing so, it will reduce daily conflict that can arise over ordinary decision making. Resolving such issues can significantly reduce the involvement of lawyers that arises from ongoing parental conflict, saving each parent time and money.

Progress is then monitored to help parents ensure the children are offered an opportunity to grow in a home environment free from the stress of being caught in the middle of parental conflict.

For further information, visit the official PCA website here.

What does a Parenting Coordinator do?

  • Coach parents in post-separation communications strategies, conflict resolution and anger management;
  • assist parents transition from being ex-partners to co-parents;
  • assist parents to comply with Court Orders;
  • mediate on-going disagreements and conflict;
  • assist parents in building lasting strategy to meet commitments;
  • reduce children’s exposure to parental conflict;
  • promote healthy relationships between children and both parents;
  • reduce stress for children when transitioning between homes;
  • create a more balanced home environment for children; and
  • help children maintain their sense of security, trust and self-esteem.

How do you engage a Parenting Coordinator?

Parents can approach a qualified Parenting Coordinator directly, or be referred by their lawyer or the Court. Both parents and the Parenting Coordinator will sign an agreement that outlines the engagement, the process and expectations of each party. Parents share the cost of the Parenting Coordinator equally and costs are negotiated directly.

Once you have engaged with a Parenting Coordinator either parent can contact them with their concerns and difficulties and they will act as an intermediary where required, as well as encouraging effective communication between both parents for the benefit of the children. After all, it is intended that the Parenting Coordinator will assist for a limited time and eventually through this process both parties will be able to manage future needs themselves, and disengage from the Parenting Coordinator. However, every situation is unique and some will need more time than others to move forward.

Kara Best is a qualified Parenting Coordinator who may be able to assist in your situation. Contact our Brisbane family lawyer team to find out more about how Kara can assist.

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