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Pondering a Crossroad – Blurred Lines

separation and divorce lawyers Brisbane

Have you ever sat at the end of the street, a crossroad and wondered, “what if I went left today?” “Where would it take me?” “Would it be ok?”

Imagine if that was your relationship and each day for the past 2 weeks, 2 months or even 2 years, you drove the same street and asked yourself those same 3 questions. But every day until today, you always turned right. Why?

Maybe it made you happy? Or it was right direction? Or you just didn’t know any different!

I hope that your turn to the right was because it made you happy and it was the right direction for you. But as a family lawyer, I am well aware that for many the turn right was because they just didn’t know anything different. It was lined with ‘what if’s’. It is those people who in their own time, after 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years that take that left turn. For them, the turn to the left may be the path to separation, an end to a relationship that once upon a time a turn to the right made them happy.

When that someone stops at the crossroad, sighs, ponders and turns left their direction, the road is often blurred – let’s call it their blurred lines. Lines that just need a little direction. A few answers to ‘what happens now I’ve turned left’, or information that will clear the fuzzy haze that creates their blurred lines.

The best advice I can give “arm yourself with information to know how to straighten the blurred lines”. Our family law offices in Toowoomba and Brisbane are on the first street to the left. Our initial consultations will arm you with family and divorce law advice you need so that next time you’re at a crossroad the only reason you will stop is because of the sign.