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Separating from your ex does not mean you have to separate from their last name

Separating from your ex not changing surname

Changing your name after divorcing your partner is a very personal issue and you have to make the right decision for you.  However, just because you have separated from your spouse does not mean you have to change your last name.

Not changing your name can be positive in a variety of situations:

  1. Some people keep the same last name of their spouse so they have the same last name of their children. This can avoid awkward questions in the school yard playground – “Why does your Mum have a different last name to you?”
  1. Others keep the same name as it shows unity of the parents. It shows your children that you are both still on the same team and that you can both work together as parents despite separating.
  1. Purely for professional reasons – your married name may be your professional name and as such, you may get more referrals with it.
  1. Your married name may be easier to pronounce or spell than your maiden name.
  1. Some consider their married name to be a family name and not the name of the husband. Some do not look at their last name and think of it as someone else’s – many women believe that their married name belongs to them as much it belongs to their ex-spouse, particularly in circumstances where you may have had this name for a number of years.
  1. Some people just leave their name as is because it is so onerous to change.
  1. Finally, others keep their married name because they have a very close relationship with their ex partner’s family. The name represents a family connection that is important to them.

Whatever your motivations, separation does not automatically mean you have to change your last name.

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