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Best Wilson Buckley Family Law is one of Queensland’s largest family law practices. We are experts in family law.  Family law is all we do.  Over the last 10 years we have helped separated couples, their children and loved ones get through, what can often be a very difficult time.

The most critical step is getting helpful information as soon as possible.  Our Free Online Platform will assist in answering your questions.

We play a slightly different role as your Family Lawyer. We are often the one professional you probably never thought you would need in your life, and certainly most people wish they didn’t need us. We’re not on anyone’s to-do or bucket list, that’s for sure.

Our role is to be present to you during a very difficult point in your life, be it prior to or after separation, to give you support, information, guidance and in some cases, protect you against a really difficult dynamic. We’ll also see you on a regular basis, albeit for a finite period of time, and give you the means and support to move beyond the current situation in a positive and sustainable way.

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From our experience, it is also critical that you find the right Toowoomba family lawyer for you. If we don’t think we are the right family lawyer for you we will not waste your time, we will help you to find the right lawyer for you and your needs.

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