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steady as she goes

As a business we’re now embracing the concept of quarterly themes to build on what we have achieved and with a view to attaining even higher levels of client servicing, team engagement and involvement with our communities. These themes will be based around our core values of nurture, contribution, vision, connection and stability.

Those of you who have known us for a while will have noticed that we’ve always tackled things at full speed! In our almost 10 year journey as a firm we have grown from our Toowoomba office to now also include a presence in Brisbane, Ipswich and North Lakes, and from a team of seven in the early days to 40 today. The breadth and depth of our team as it stands today means we’re better placed than ever to provide stability for our clients and their futures. That is why we’ve chosen to kick off our first theme with the notion of stability through until the end of 2018, which by the way seems to be coming at an unrelenting pace. Stability has been chosen with a particular focus on how we live out the ethos behind this value as we see it: consistency, structure and responsiveness for our clients, team and communities.

Stability for our clients is fundamental to what we do and who we are, and quite often we’re the only stable force in the lives of our clients at what can be a tumultuous time. We live this through our client commitments by ensuring that we’re respectful, available, flexible, focussed, and transparent around fees and progress; and our goal for this quarter is simple – to keep doing just the same.

The people on our team are not here by accident, some might even say it is a carefully curated collection of expert family lawyers Brisbane, management and support players worthy of the finest museums (that’s me, I say that). Stability within our team means all hands being on deck to make sure that our clients are looked after and have a family lawyer and support person supporting them at all times, sharing the good news stories and the learnings, and being present with each other. This is woven into our everyday and punctuated with special ‘together’ time, a focus for our quarter of stability including our team retreat to be held in October which will have a keen focus on consistency across what we do.

We’ve always been incredibly proud of our rural roots, believed that “local is lovely” and recognised the support that our communities provide us with. Stability for our communities means that we’re going to continue to support local events that mean so much to each unique location in which we work. It also coincides with our team’s selection of our first ever official Best Wilson Buckley Family Law charity, Safe Haven Community. Safe Haven provides stability to those at-risk of domestic abuse in the form of temporary accommodation. Our Toowoomba family lawyers team is uniting to support Safe Haven through donations and other activities to help them do the wonderful work that they do, stability to continue their important work.

None of this is surprising or necessarily new, in fact quite the opposite. We would not have made it to where we are today without holding this value close and living it in everything we do. It is however a renewed focus and one that tells those we hold dearest – our clients, team and communities – that we value them and want to make sure that we’re living up to what we say we stand for. Without that foundation of stability what have we got?


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