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The Flower Project

We were recently given the privilege of being introduced to The Flower Project Foundation, and hosted a Flower Arranging Workshop in Brisbane.

The Flower Project is not your average charity. They do not raise funds to support one particular cause; rather they support everyone and anyone’s cause in their own unique way. They are a charity who brightens people’s lives through the simple, but powerful gift of giving flowers.

The Flower Project enables people to “nominate” a recipient who they believe is in need of a ‘’pick me up”, or deserves a little bit of recognition for their efforts in the community, such as carers, foster parents or maybe a volunteer in the community.

Bouquets of flowers can also be purchased through the charity (through their partner Petals Network), like you would any other florist. A generous 20% of the costs of the order go back to the charity to help with the funds required for the recipient bouquets.

We encourage you to read more about The Flower Project, their work, or even order a bouquet!

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