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Divorce Lawyers Toowoomba

If you’re considering separation and divorce you need the best advice from divorce lawyers Toowoomba has who work specifically in the area of family law. Gone are the days when a lawyer who practices in many areas of law can competently handle your family matter.

Your financial security, emotional well-being, future relationship with your children, and their future well-being depend on it.

Our Expert Divorce Lawyers Toowoomba

Our team of divorce lawyers Toowoomba are part of the largest family law team in Queensland, servicing all parts of the Darling Downs and Western Queensland.

At Best Wilson Buckley Family Law, our Toowoomba family lawyers offer a confidential, no-obligation, reduced rate, fixed fee initial discussion with a family lawyer. You will spend time one-on-one with an expert family and divorce lawyer to discuss your situation, and receive tailored advice for you so that together we can work out what needs to happen next to help you to move forward.

Do You Need A Toowoomba Family Lawyer?

There is absolutely no obligation to proceed and in fact, about half of the people we see never even separate. Many more go on to resolve their own separation armed with the initial advice from our team and some assistance to legally formalise an agreement at the end.

We can assist in all areas of family law from our Toowoomba divorce lawyers office:



Mediation is a quicker and more cost-effective option for couples going through a separation. Toowoomba divorce lawyers can assist you in mediation to resolve matters and potentially avoid the significant cost and stress of an ongoing family law matter and court.

Parenting matters
Our family lawyers Toowoomba team can help you with parenting plans in multiple ways — from reviewing and advising on the agreed draft from you and the other party, right through to drafting the document for you and finalising decisions with the other parent or their chosen family lawyer.

Child support
Child support ensures that following their parents’ separation, children will receive an adequate level of financial support from both parents. Our Toowoomba divorce lawyers can assist you in resolving this.

Property division and settlement
Property settlement covers the financial dissolution of a marriage or relationship. This includes various financial elements that need to be dealt with, like cash. real estate properties, shares, business interests, superannuation, vehicles, and more.

Family Dispute Resolution
A family dispute resolution (FDR) is a mediation type process where the FDR practitioner helps both parties identify the issues that need to be resolved, create alternatives, and review those proposals to reach an agreement that can be documented as a formal parenting plan

In adoption, our divorce lawyers Toowoomba team can help you establish a permanent legal relationship between you and a child and also dissolve the legal relationship with their birth family.

Financial Agreements
Our experienced family lawyers can help you sort out your financial agreements — contracts that deal with financial matters arising from a relationship.

Spousal maintenance
Spousal maintenance
can be tricky and will depend on your unique circumstances. It is an extremely detailed and technical area of law and requires expert legal advice. Contact our Toowoomba divorce lawyers today to discuss this.

is having someone else (the surrogate/birth mother) carry a baby for another person (the intended parent/s) with the intention that the parentage of the baby will fall to the intended parent/s.

De-facto relationships
De-facto couples going through a separation can also access the same support in parenting and property matters the same way as married couples. If you need legal advice and representation in this area, contact our de-facto solicitors as soon as possible as strict time limits apply.

Child safety and child protection
Protecting our children is of paramount importance. This area of the law is extremely complex and requires expert advice.

Collaborative law
Collaborative law is an alternative of dispute resolution of resolving family law matters without going to court.

After separation or divorce, either you or your former partner might seek a fresh start somewhere new or go after a new job. To receive legal advice about relocation (including relocation outside Australia borders), contact us today.

Domestic and family violence
Domestic and family violence
constitutes not only physical violence, but also physical or sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, economic or financial abuse, threatening or coercive behaviour, and more. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with sensitive issues surrounding this area.

Your pathway to resolution and a new future starts with contacting our team of family lawyers for an initial discussion to help work out what that pathway looks like.

Start here with a no-obligation web enquiry.

Call our team to find out more or book your initial advice session.

Start with our free online separation tool here.

How to Choose The Best Toowoomba Divorce Lawyers For You

Find out where you stand with FREE initial advice online.

Lynn Armstrong Special Counsel

Lynn Armstrong

Legal Partner
Accredited Family Law Specialist
Neal Wood Senior Associate

Neal Wood

Special Counsel
Jo Rimmer Senior Solicitor

Joanna Rimmer

Max Sutton Solicitor

Max Sutton

Family Lawyers Brisbane at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law

Isabella King

Graduate Solicitor
Audrey Akenson

Audrey Akenson

Graduate Solicitor / Client Relationship Manager
Tammy Wright Paralegal Team Leader

Tammy Wright

Courtney Connor

Courtney Connor

Paralegal / Settlements Clerk
Leandra Hherberts operation manager

Leandra Herberts

General Manager
Esther Patterson Accounts Officer

Esther Patterson

Accounts Officer
Family Lawyers Brisbane at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law

Merlinda James

Accounts Officer
Joan- Murtagh Administration Assistant

Joan Murtagh

Administration/Legal Support Partner
Lailah Flett

Lailah Flett

Administration/Legal Support Partner
Jessica Holloway Administration Assistant

Jessica Chapman

Administration Support
Cassandra Bate Receptionist

Cassandra Bate

Tricia Coleman Receptionist

Tricia Coleman

Alissa Tulk Receptionist

Alissa Tulk


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