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Max Sutton

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Max Sutton

Max is a Solicitor at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law in the firm’s Toowoomba office.

Max joined our team in 2014 after being the recipient of the Best Wilson Buckley Family Law Scholarship at the University of Southern Queensland. Through his time working with the firm, Max has worked across various facets of the practice before transitioning into his Solicitor role in 2018, gifting him with a unique insight into the firm and experience with clients.

Max’s enthusiastic and genuine approach to practising family law has been ignited and encouraged through his time with the firm. He finds great reward in supporting and empowering people at a difficult time to find a rewarding and fulfilling resolution to their family law matter. As a collaboratively trained lawyer, Max’s focus is to protect the best interests of his clients and their family by resolving matters through an amicable agreement rather than litigation wherever practical.

Growing up in regional Queensland, Max has previously lived abroad in Germany before moving to Toowoomba in 2011. In addition to his Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Max also holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in International Relations.

Expertise and Professional Qualifications

Max’s understanding of the world of family law has been developing since joining the team in 2014. With a genuine desire to be a specialist family lawyer, he has been learning the trade from many angles already and has quickly become efficient and effective in resolving parenting, property, and domestic and family violence matters in a way that reflects the best interests of his clients and their family. Max is also responsible for all Applications for Divorce in the firm’s Toowoomba office and is well-rehearsed in assisting clients through this stage of their family law matter, often appearing in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia where required. As a collaboratively trained lawyer, Max’s focus is to protect the best interests of his clients and their family by resolving matters through an amicable agreement rather than litigation wherever practical.

Associations and Career Awards


  • Downs and South West Queensland Law Association
  • Queensland Family Law Practitioners Association
  • Queensland Association of Collaborative Practitioners
  • Law Council of Australia
  • Golden Key International Honour Society


  • Best Wilson Buckley Family Law Scholarship – 2014
  • Shine Lawyers Rising Star – 2019

Legal Articles

July 01, 2019

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Making an Application for Divorce

BWB family law, Solicitor Max Sutton discusses two key areas to meet the criteria when applying for a divorce. When considering an application for divorce there are two primary legal...

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June 25, 2019

By Max Sutton | Separation | Videos

How to Reach Resolution Following Separation

In this video, Family Lawyer, Max Sutton discusses how you and your ex-partner can reach a resolution following separation.

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June 05, 2019

By Max Sutton | About Us

Why I Do What I Do

I wasn’t always set on being a solicitor. To be honest, for quite some time I wanted to be a palaeontologist! That’s right – I wanted to dig up and...

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May 14, 2019

By Max Sutton | Parenting

Changing Names – When, How and Why?

Changing your name, whether it is your first name, surname, or even your whole name, is a deeply personal decision. You can do this by yourself once you reach the...

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January 15, 2019

By Max Sutton | General

The Role of the Independent Children’s Lawyer

Sometimes during court proceedings regarding the parenting arrangements of a child, the court will appoint an independent children’s lawyer (ICL) to represent that child and present to the court an...

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December 06, 2018

By Max Sutton | General

Confidentiality and Privileged Information: It belongs to you!

In the wake of the “Lawyer X” scandal, it serves as an appropriate reminder that client information (your information) is confidential and privileged on all accounts. It belongs to you...

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November 26, 2018

By Max Sutton | General

What Does that Mean?

Quite often our client’s first interaction with lawyers and the legal system is their first interaction of this kind. That alone can be incredibly daunting, and what may already be...

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September 28, 2018

By Max Sutton | De Facto Law | General

What is the Difference Between a De facto Relationship and a Marriage?

Relationships in contemporary Australian society are marked by changes to our social dynamics, such as the ever increasing population and growth of our multicultural and inclusive society. Yet there are...

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I wanted to thank you for all your help throughout this journey. As stressful as the process was, you made it a lot easier to deal with. I really appreciate the help and support you have given me.
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