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What About the Children?

Separation can be an incredibly difficult time for everyone concerned, particularly children. Not only do you need to ensure that you’re managing your own emotional wellbeing, often your experience is complicated by the need to respond appropriately to the grief and adjustment difficulties experienced by your child or children. Often, significant and meaningful assistance can be provided by interacting with a psychologist or counselor who is experienced in assisting both adults and children to adjust to life following separation.

Alternatively, Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”)is a formal mediation process offered by a number of community providers. There is sometimes a waiting time attaching to these services which sometimes precludes their use around the time of separation when time is of the essence. Your closest Family Dispute Resolution provider can be located by telephoning 1800 050 321 or visiting Family Relationships Online.

More information can be obtained from Best Wilson Buckley Family Law, Toowoomba Solicitor.

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