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What Makes us Proud? BWB’s End of Financial Year Review

Like a “Mad Monday” for footballers to celebrate the end of their season, the end of the financial year is an opportunity for accountants to celebrate all their hard work getting to the end of the financial year. (I only wish that they would stop sharing photos of themselves celebrating – decked out in fancy dress or worse, wearing casual clothes – neither are a good look for a profession that traditionally does not get out much nor see much sunlight).

For the rest of us, it’s a good opportunity for a brief review or reflection.

For Best Wilson Buckley Family Law, it’s a nice opportunity to stop and acknowledge our client’s successes and the firm’s part in that……….)

Inspiring client stories

Far from being a firm which is all about the numbers, there were some particular examples of client’s stories that inspired us from this year………… 

We filed an urgent parenting application in January last year on behalf of our client, the child’s mother. The father decided he would unilaterally relocate to Perth taking the child (aged 10) without consent of the Mother. We obtained an urgent listing before Judge. Once father engaged solicitor – managed to negotiate via consent and Orders were signed within a month from client engaging us urgency. Client was very happy as child remained with her in Brisbane.

We helped our client resolve her financial matter within four months of taking the file over from her previous lawyers. The client had been separated for 7 years and the matter had been in the court system for about 20 months.

We helped another client resolve her parenting and property matter within three months of taking the file over from her previous lawyers. The matter had been to mediation and has also been in Court (for about 12 months). The husband/father was unrepresented. We helped resolved the matter by having a series of informal meetings directly with the husband.

BWB Mediations

We launched BWB Mediations – A fast tracked ‘out of court’ process run by our in-house experts leading to a more efficient resolution of the concerns you and your former partner have following separation). See

 “Inside” BWB

We were also really proud to launch a series of internal projects, including our Client Service Guarantee and our three Cultural Values.

 Some feedback

 Finally, we do it because we love it, but it’s still nice to get some feedback………..

“What a journey we have done, & I thank you for your wonderful representation of knowledge, energy, humility, care & steadfastness, your personal approach & inclusion, particularly when I had lost hope & despaired. You kept me strong when I thought there was no future, no purpose, no hope for me, when even the law made my journey so much harder………….. I love you for your kindness & solidarity when I was beating you up!”

“Thank you for being centred & available when I crumbled.”
“I am so glad of the association, though not the reason for it!”
“Friends I have made, & I realise the process can be done with humility & love, even though the court system is not in our league of compassionate consideration & making others accountable, getting a deserved prompt result!”

“You are a credit to the profession you represent, & the wonderful environment in the office that you have fostered.”

“I am so glad to know you, to be counted as a friend, to have grown to the person I am through the adversity.”

“How can I thank you? – I can’t adequately, but know you are appreciated & loved for the person you stand to be (& are), the ethics you stand & fight for.”

“I recommend you to anyone looking for legal representation (Family Law), or thinking of it. It is the least I can do in return, but you absolutely deserve my unreserved loyalty.”

“Many thanks to your firm for handling my matter, Rebecca has been outstanding and I can’t thank her enough for her amazing work in achieving a positive outcome for us.”

“I just wanted to say thanks for last week. I greatly appreciated your support on both a professional and personal level, and it made the day as calm, reassuring and positive as it could be for me…now I can focus on enjoying my time with #### and making the most of what we have.”

“Thanks guys for all your help with the DVO, it’s a great outcome and now I can move forward feeling a little more safe.”

“I’d just like to thank your office again for their assistance in finalising a family matter with my ex-husband. I hope to not need your services again but if I do I would have no hesitation in contacting you, or of recommending you to any friends who may need similar services.”

“Dan, I won’t call you a genius (I know you don’t l like that!). Let me just say you’re a very very clever lawyer and I’m lucky to have you on my side. ”

“Andrew, you’re my hero.  I think you’re great.  And you put up with me.”

“we got treated like real people”.

“I can’t tell how much it means to me to have had such a patient, supportive and understanding lawyer.”

“Thank you to all the staff at Best Wilson Buckley for all that you have done for me over the past couple of years, this has been a drawn out process to which you have all been very patient and shown me great compassion and professionalism throughout.”

“I will not hesitate to recommend you to any future potential clients.”

“I owe you all so much and am so happy with the outcome we achieved together. In the future, I hope to look back and remember the impact that you all played in creating our family’s history. I will be forever thankful for all your hard work.”

“Reagan and Sam, I have to say thank you both so much for your help and support with my matters over the past year or so and I’m so glad you were recommended to me right from the start.”

“Kara, please do not underestimate your influence for me and my situation.  I guarantee you that if we did not fight and challenge each and every aspect that we did – as traumatic as it was for me –  he would have achieved his goal – to excommunicate me absolutely and wholly from my children’s lives.  I have a relationship and life with my daughter, only because of your leadership of my fight. I am eternally grateful.”

How was your 2015 financial year?