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Why I Do What I Do With Andrew Mccormack

By 7 November 2019About Us
Andrew McCormack

Family law is something that I had been interested in as a result of being exposed to it through my father’s legal practice.

My father is a sole practitioner – generalist and practices in a number of areas. I helped him on a number of family law matters when I was at uni. As a result of this, I found myself in a job that had a high level of family law case work.

Lots of my colleagues ask me why I wanted to do family law and why I have stayed working in the area. The answer is pretty simple. I love a challenge. Practising in family law means that you need to know more than just family law. On a daily basis I am:

  • helping people deal with emotions and their reaction to grief, loss, frustration, and sometimes raw ranger;
  • helping people who feel vulnerable and at their wits’ end;
  • helping people who never thought that they would find themselves in this type of situation;
  • helping people work through the complexities of trying to parent children either by remote control or by putting their emotions to one side and looking at what is best for their children;
  • helping people finalise their personal relationships with a former partner and create different coparenting relationships that will work for the benefit of their children in the future.

So on a daily basis, I try to help people. I don’t always know the answers to their questions and I readily admit that. To help them, I need to work with other professionals who are trained in these areas and can provide answers or solutions. At the end of it, I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I have tried to help someone as best as I can. Is it always easy? No.

Does it take its toll? Sometimes.

Are there days I want to run screaming from the room when other parties are being horrendous? Absolutely!

However, I want to use my skills, my knowledge, my professional network and my colleagues, and my perfectionist personality, to try and get my clients through what can be one of the most challenging times for them in their life.

That’s why I do what I do.

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