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Why I Do What I Do

By 4 February 2020About Us, General
Neal Wood

I’ve been practising exclusively in family and relationship law for nearly 12 years now and, in that time, I have helped what must now be thousands of clients.

What stands out even now is just how difficult it can be for someone going through a separation, or about to separate, to take that first step and reach out to a professional that they have never met before and ask me to be involved in what is a deeply personal matter for them.

When a person reaches out for that help seeking guidance, support and advice, it’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly. Too many lawyers either do not care or do not care enough. The difference for me is that I do.

Everyone is a bit different and some of my clients love that practical, down to earth advice and just want to talk about the business of getting their matter brought to an end as quickly and efficiently as possible. For them, it’s very much a commercial transaction and very outcomes-focused. Others are deeply involved and need a lot of support in their personal journey from being in an intact relationship, through separation and then into the next phase of their lives, whether that is as a post-separation parent, securing their financial future from a property settlement or feeling safe in their own home without the fear of domestic violence and abuse. It’s about listening to them and finding out what they need and what’s important to them.

While the pathways to resolution and the law may be universal in their application, each and every relationship is unique and so is each person’s experience of their separation.

From that very initial contact until resolution and beyond, I get incredible satisfaction from knowing that I have done everything I can to impart a sense of hope, optimism, and finality to what is, for the most part, an inherently difficult and uncertain time.

That’s why I do what I do.

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