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Choosing the Best Family Lawyer for You!

Many of us routinely seek out professionals in our life to support us to be the best version of ourselves, be it the financial adviser, the hairdresser, the personal trainer or a myriad of other people that come to play a regular and reliable part in our lives.

We play a slightly different role as your Family Lawyer. We are often the one professional you probably never thought you would need in your life, and certainly most people wish they didn’t need us. We’re not on anyone’s to-do or bucket list, that’s for sure.

Our role is to be present to you during a very difficult point in your life, be it prior to or after separation, to give you support, information, guidance and in some cases, protect you against a really difficult dynamic. We’ll also see you on a regular basis, albeit for a finite period of time, and give you the means and support to move beyond the current situation in a positive and sustainable way.

On the bench and ready to run in

You decide how it is that you work with us, not the other way around. We’re your family lawyer.

Many of the people we see for an initial chat do not go on to engage us on an ongoing basis, simply because they don’t need too.  We’ve often met their needs by providing information, direction or a plan moving forward.  Of those that do become ongoing clients, it is not an ‘all or nothing deal.

For many of our clients, we will provide sporadic advice by phone or email only when they ask for and need it most. This could be coaching in how to prepare for that initial (and possibly most difficult) discussion with your partner about separating, preparing you for an upcoming private mediation or family report, helping to prepare documentation to formalise an agreement or for the court, or advising what your court date is likely to entail and how you need to prepare and act on the day.

An approach like this means you can self-represent if you choose, or we can attend particular events with you. Our Toowoomba experienced family lawyers will talk with you about what you need to achieve, and your capacity in terms of time, money and emotional readiness, and determine how we can package our services in a way that you have us on your bench ready to be called in whenever you need us.

For others we are there for every step of the way and take the lead. We’re the ones that manage your matter towards resolution based on your needs. This is a more financially costly approach, although the return on investment is simplifying what it is you need to know about family law, reducing your risk, saving you time and hassle, and it also means that you can direct all of your emotional energy and time into crafting a more meaningful path forward for you and your family. It is entirely up to you how you engage us and we invite you to ask us about how we can help with what you need when you contact us for an initial discussion.

The journey

In much the same way as you choose how to engage our services, you also drive this journey. Ultimately it is up to you, and your former partner, which bends in the road your family law matter will take towards resolution. Make sure you are aware of all of your alternatives and weigh up the pros and cons of each for you and your family, and with insights from your family lawyer.

If you want to take a time out then that is fine too. We all need a break from time to time.

There is also no hard and fast rule that you will end up in family court and we would in fact suggest alternatives to that wherever possible. The reality of family court is that there are no winners. It is an incredibly lengthy, costly, emotionally taxing and exhausting experience for all involved, including us. That being said sometimes it is impossible to avoid court in circumstances where you or your former partner are particularly entrenched with certain viewpoints, or simply just can’t agree. It is important to note that there may be certain legal requirements that need to be fulfilled in terms of considering options such as counselling, negotiation and mediation before heading to court and we can advise on these for your situation.

If that is the case we will be right there in your corner to reduce the time, cost and emotional burden wherever possible towards the bright light of resolution at the end of the tunnel.

Your family lawyer

It is important to know that legally we are only able to provide legal advice to one party in a family law matter. That means that we cannot act for both you and your former partner in the normal course of a matter and nor can we engage with them if we have already provided you with legal advice. That means that we will forever remain your family lawyer. We’re on your bench, ready, willing and able to support you whenever you need.

There are certain circumstances where we can prepare documentation on behalf of both parties where you have reached agreement. This brings with it certain implications for seeking independent legal advice though and we will assist you to access that in the best possible way with lawyers that will help, not hinder, you reaching the outcome in mind. Contact us for more information on how we can assist in these types of scenarios.

Second opinions

If you were diagnosed with a significant health problem chances are you would seek a second, or alternate opinion, to make sure you knew exactly what was happening and what your options were. It should be no different when dealing with your family’s future.

While we don’t advocate “lawyer shopping” or leaving your family lawyer who has been with you through the ups and downs on your pathway, we do advocate for getting the best possible advice and knowing all of the options you have available.

A second opinion isn’t right for everyone and we sagely suggest that you consider whether a second opinion might be helpful in your particular situation, or would make you feel more comfortable with the path you are on.

Remember though that seeking a second opinion isn’t the same as finding a lawyer that will tell you what you want to hear. Beware the family lawyer that tells you exactly what you want to hear without presenting you with a range of options and realities. Chances are they will pay lip service and send you a hefty bill while being no step closer to resolution.

Your family is unique. So is your separation and pathway to resolution and a new future. This is your journey and we will be with you for the ride, in whatever way you need us to be. Contact our team of expert family lawyers today to find out more about how we work and how we can support you in the way you need it.

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From our experience, it is also critical that you find the right family lawyers Toowoomba for you. If we don’t think we are the right family lawyer for you we will not waste your time, we will help you to find the right lawyer for you and your needs.

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