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Family Law Guide

Family Law Guide

This guide attempts to provide some information and reassurance about a range of family law matters, and particularly about what might lie ahead when a personal relationship breaks down.


About the Author

Contributed to by members of the specialist family law team at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law.


Your first meeting at Best Wilson Buckley

Our initial attendance is a chance for us to find out more about your situation and how we might address your current concerns. The breakdown of a personal/family relationship is a difficult time and, accordingly, we take a more holistic approach to what you need to know in order to move forward in a positive way.



Best Wilson Buckley Financial Agreements Guide

This guide explains some of the effects, risks, and requirements of a Financial Agreement. A must read for all those considering a Financial Agreement!


About The Author

Dan is a Director of Best Wilson Buckley Family Law, working primarily in the firm’s Brisbane office.



The Developmental Needs Of Children

This article provides an overview of the stages of childhood development and also explores the expected impact of separation on a child based on their age. It is an important read for any parent who is undergoing separation and has children under the age of 18.


About the Author

Mr Vincent Papaleo is a Clinical Psychologist and the author of Developmental Considerations in Contact and Residence Disputes.


Your Alternatives

This article explores the prevalent alternatives to litigation and the intervention of the Court. Alternatives include negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, arbitration, and family dispute resolution. At Best Wilson Buckley we consider the skills required to effectively collaborate, mediate and negotiate to be equally as important as our capacity to litigate.


About the Author

Kara Best is a Director at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law in Toowoomba and has practiced exclusively in family law since her admission to practice in 2001. Kara is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist. Kara has previously acted in a range of family law matters including complex property proceedings involving third parties, international interests, significant farming and industrial endeavours and complex parenting proceedings. Kara is also a member of the panel of Independent Children’s Lawyers in Queensland.


Parenting Arrangements

Explores the legal principles in parenting matters to make arrangements for the care and supervision of children after a separation.


How To Divide Your Property and Why

The relationship between the parties has ended and property settlement finalises their financial relationship.



Taking Control Of Your Legal Costs Guide

The cost of legal proceedings is often a very daunting and off-putting idea for many people. This guide is our way of helping you to take control of your costs in your dealings with us.


About the Author

At Best Wilson Buckley Family Law we pride ourselves on assisting our clients to make informed decisions, and particularly so in relation to minimising legal fees.

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