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Family Law Guide

This free guide provides information about a range of family law matters. Particularly what might lie ahead in your family law journey, and reassurance that it is not a path you are taking alone.

About the Author

Contributed to by members of the specialist family law team at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law.

Your first meeting at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law

Your initial appointment is your opportunity to talk about your situation and connect with your family lawyer to craft a more meaningful way forward for your family.

Best Wilson Buckley Financial Agreements Guide

This guide explains some of the effects, risks, and requirements of a Financial Agreement. A must read for all those considering a Financial Agreement!

The Developmental Needs Of Children

This guide provides an overview of the stages of childhood development and the possible effects of separation based on your child’s age. It is an important read for any parent during separation and especially so if your children are under the age of 18.

About the Author

Mr Vincent Papaleo is a Clinical Psychologist and the author of Developmental Considerations in Contact and Residence Disputes.

Your Alternatives

This guide explores your alternatives to litigation and the intervention of the court in your family law matter. Alternatives can include negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, arbitration and family dispute resolution. We consider the skills required to craft a more meaningful outcome for you through collaboration, mediation and negotiation to be as equally important as our capacity to litigate. Your family’s future depends on it.

About the Author

Kara Best is an Accredited Family Law Specialist who has practised exclusively in family law since 2001. Named as a leading Brisbane family lawyer in parenting and property matters Kara supports our clients in a range of family law matters including complex property proceedings, international interests, significant farming and industrial endeavours and complex parenting matters. Kara is also a member of the panel of Independent Children’s Lawyers in Queensland.

Parenting Arrangements

This guide explores arrangements for the care of your children following separation and explains the legal principles to be considered.

About the Author

Contributed to by members of our specialist family law team at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law.

How To Divide Your Property and Why

Property settlement is the family law term for finalising your financial relationship with your former partner or spouse. This guide provides a simple overview of how property settlements work.

About the Author

Contributed to by members of our specialist family law team at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law.

Taking Control Of Your Legal Costs Guide

Family law legal costs are not something we plan for in life and by their very nature they are daunting and off-putting. This guide highlights simple ways for you to take control of costs in your family law matter. At Best Wilson Buckley Family Law we take responsibility for supporting you to understand and minimise your legal fees.

About the Author

At Best Wilson Buckley Family Law we pride ourselves on assisting our clients to make informed decisions, and particularly so in relation to minimising legal fees.

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