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Best Wilson Buckley Family Law Pty Ltd adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in addition to our professional obligations of confidentiality.

Best Wilson Buckley Family Law Pty Ltd adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in addition to our professional obligations of confidentiality.Our privacy policy, and any amendments, is available on our website. Should you require an alternate format please contact our Privacy Officer at the details below.Information collected, used and held by Best Wilson Buckley Family LawThe nature and type of information collected is dependent on the nature of our dealings with you.We only collect, use and hold personal information for the purposes of:

  • Engaging with you to offer initial information and advices;
  • Providing services to you, or others as instructed by you; and
  • Carrying out our business functions, including meeting any legal and professional requirements.

Normally, we collect personal information directly from the person to whom the information relates although due to the nature of our business we may also require you to provide us with information about other people relevant to your case.

Information that we may collect could include contact details, proof of identification, financial information, employment arrangements, bank details, details of children and so forth. Such information is collected via telephone conversations, face-to-face meetings and interviews, and forms.

Personal information is held in both electronic and hard copy formats by Best Wilson Buckley Family Law, with all reasonable measures taken to ensure security and confidentiality. Any information stored off-site is held in a secure, locked facility with select access for Best Wilson Buckley Family Law staff. Electronic information is stored using an off-site server located in Australia and managed by the firm’s IT provider, with all reasonable measures for electronic security in place and reviewed from time to time.

Our staff are made aware of the APPs through regular training, and are bound to upholding the APPs and this Privacy Policy as a condition of their employment.

As required by law, records are retained for a minimum of seven (7) years from closure of the case, at which time they are destroyed. With the exception of materials related to functions of BWB Mediations which are destroyed 21 days following the mediation date.

As family lawyers we understand that the information we collect from you may be sensitive and highly confidential. When we receive personal information, either directly or from a third party, it will only be used as reasonably necessary for the purposes of establishing, exercising or defending a legal or equitable claim as per the APP Permitted General Situations.

If we do not collect this personal information then we may be unable to perform our duties or provide proper legal services.


Our website does have cookies activated and any information collected through the use of such cookies is anonymous. Personal information such as your name and email address is only collected via our website with consent.

Disclosure of personal information

Best Wilson Buckley Family Law will only disclose personal information to third parties as required by law, and in keeping with our professional obligations as lawyers.

We do not make personal information available to direct marketing companies, credit reporting agencies, clients or overseas recipients at any time unless required to so by law, or with your knowledge and consent.

Credit related information

Under our payment terms Best Wilson Buckley Family Law is subject to the Credit Reporting Code of Conduct, however, we only collect and hold credit information in very specific circumstances. You will be advised, in writing, of the credit information that we collect, use and hold if this is relevant to your dealings with us at any time.

Direct Debit Requests

In the event that you enter into a direct debit arrangement with our firm for the payment of fees we will collect information as required by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Direct Debit Request (DDR) form. This includes the name and address of your financial institution as well as your account name and number provided on the DDR. As per the BEC guidelines this information will be retained for seven (7) years from the date of the final payment made via direct debit, at which time they are destroyed.

ow you can access your personal information and seek correction, or make a complaint

For any questions, requests or complaints related to your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer, Alecia Featherstone, on phone (07) 4639 0000 or via email at [email protected].

Further information

We invite your comments on our policy in order to evaluate its effectiveness. Please contact our Privacy Officer, Alecia Featherstone, on phone (07) 4639 0000 or via email at [email protected].

You can find out more about the Australian Privacy Policy Guidelines at the Office of Australian Information Commissioner 

For more about the Credit Reporting Code of Conduct please visit the Office of Australian Information Commissioner

This policy was last updated 13 May 2020.

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