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A Renewed Sense of Possibility

Family Lawyers Brisbane

This year is our tenth anniversary year as a business. So, what better way to kick-start such an important year than with a quarterly theme based around our core value of “vision”?

When our business first started, our partners had a vision to create Toowoomba’s first bespoke family law firm for our burgeoning regional community. One that provided access to expert advice in an area of the law that involves so much more than simply legal knowledge and prowess. Our family, health, wealth and wellbeing are not to be trusted in the hands of just anyone and deserve only the absolute best advice at a local level that doesn’t cost the earth.

Almost 10 years on and that vision has indeed been a reality for all of that time, and is now also a reality in our other communities of Brisbane, Ipswich and North Lakes.

Vision to us is creating a renewed sense of possibility. Whether that be at the beginning or end of a relationship for our clients, for our team, communities or our business as a collective.

This quarter, and indeed this year, we are going to focus on those bright ideas that will only serve to further the future of family law in a way that provides our clients, team and business, the opportunities that create a new reality full of endless possibilities.

Internally, we will be focussed on technological advancement of our processes in such a way that it creates capacity for our highly skilled family law practitioners and support team to be the humans that they are, and leave the grunt work to the machines. Changes in our systems will mean that our clients and colleagues will have access to the best information at all times in a way that is efficient and cost effective for everyone.

It is the human element that makes our family law team the best in field. Empathy is not learned, it is innate, and absolutely essential to ensuring that your family’s future is safeguarded when it seems to have been turned upside down. Our vision is to let our family lawyers do what they do best, connect with our clients and colleagues to craft the most meaningful outcome for the future.

So, what does the future look like considering it is almost here with 2020 just around the corner as a reality now? At the heart of it for us it looks like it has for the past 10 years.

We will continue to provide exceptional family law representation and advices to those that need us in all of our local communities. That will be done by your local family lawyers, who are fortunate enough to be part of the largest collective of specialist family lawyers in Queensland. A breadth and depth of community that was a mere vision back in 2009 for us, but now a reality. It provides our team with a multitude of viewpoints that enables us to sense-check everything that we do for our clients, and that it is the absolute best option and path forward for them. Something that is hard to emulate in a smaller team that doesn’t offer a variety of legal and life experience. It also means that we can provide opportunities to reduce costs for our clients, again hard to do without a depth of practitioners like we have on offer.

We will also continue to provide the best options for our team as a community. Key to our success over the past 10 years has been our people; we’re like one big family with all that that entails. We’ve welcomed new people, had our happy, sad and tough moments, said farewell and good luck to others. The one constant has been that we have continued to share a sense of connection as a collective of people that truly have at their core a desire to help others to forge their new way forward whether it be our clients, community or each other. We take this opportunity to thank all of our team from across these last 10 years for making Best Wilson Buckley Family Law what it is today and what it will be into the future. Without you the vision would not be the reality that it is today.

Here’s to 2019 and our tenth anniversary year, one for the history books indeed.

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