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Brisbane Family Lawyers

In an effort to distinguish themselves from the rest, a lot of businesses today make the claim of “doing things differently”. Whether it’s a smaller law firm trying to compete with the big six, a bank separating themselves from the big four, or Maccas changing their Big Mac burger (perhaps the most controversial of them all), everyone is trying to be different… but what does that word actually mean? Is being different the most important tool for successful businesses? If everyone is trying to be different, are we actually at risk of ending up the same? How many times can you say the word “different” before it starts to sound silly and lose meaning?

Whilst such existential questions don’t necessarily keep me up at night (or anyone else for that matter), it did get me thinking about what makes Best Wilson Buckley Family Law “different” from other family law firms. As a firm, we do pride ourselves on practising family law in a way that is as unique as the clients we help… but so do others.

So, what makes Best Wilson Buckley Family Law actually different?

For me, it’s the way our family lawyers do what they do as opposed to what they do that makes them so special. All family lawyers work in an incredibly personal and emotional area of the law. At university they teach law students the art of negotiation, how to interpret legislation, provide advice, and present in a Court room, but there’s no class on building resilience or emotional intelligence.

What separates our team of expert family lawyers from the rest is their ability to navigate this complex area of the law while displaying the highest levels of empathy and compassion at all times. Our lawyers work with each client in a way that is as unique as they are, and simultaneously encourage clients to focus on a pathway geared towards resolution and an outcome for a defined future and a sense of closure.

Of course, none of that would be possible without a genuine desire to support and provide comfort to those trying to navigate the world of family law following the breakdown of a relationship. By resolving family law disputes outside of Court, wherever practical and possible, our lawyers maintain a focus on protecting the wellbeing of clients and that of any children involved. Our mission is to empower clients and provide them with the confidence and the tools they need to navigate their way through their family law matter.

Our team also makes up the largest team of expert family lawyers in Queensland, and we’ve inherited that title without a head office in a capital city. We began our journey in Toowoomba in 2009 as the only family law firm in the area, and we’ve since expanded to have a presence in Brisbane, Ipswich, and North Lakes. We truly consider local to be lovely and believe in the value of providing a speciality family law service to our clients without the need for them to travel into a capital city. Our size is not about sheer volume but providing a depth and breadth of experience that benefits our clients.

We’re lawyers, but we’re people too. As expert Toowoomba family lawyers we’re able to understand the emotional, financial, and logistical difficulties that arise during a family law matter. Every day we meet with people at their most vulnerable and it is our duty to make sure that our clients feel safe and supported, not just now but into the future.

For those reasons we believe we’re different, and that we’re making a genuine positive impact on the lives of our clients and their family.  After all, what could be more important than that?