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Family Lawyers are Real People Too!

Team Work

I recall vividly when a few years ago I received a phone call asking if I would be interested in applying for a role at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law. It was one of those moments where you contemplate whether you can spend entire days with lawyers. Especially when you aren’t one.

Surely they’re all like those nerdy know-it-all kids at high school that always won the academic prizes and went to debating competitions, right? Not quite.

The first time I ever met a lawyer was when I came for an interview at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law. It was quite unexpected to meet not one but two lawyers over a very relaxed lunch where we talked and laughed about all manner of things that didn’t involve contracts, court, orders and all of those things that lawyers do.

It was then that I realised, and not a moment too soon for I started the very next week, that family lawyers are real people too and I can prove it! There’s no doubt they rub off on you…

One of our lawyers is a serious contender for the next season of The Great Bake Off. He very generously bakes for our entire office with treats like cinnamon scrolls and the always crowd-pleasing cheesy bread. All of this despite early mornings on his bike around the hills of Toowoomba and helping to organise his two young boys for the day.

An absolute dancefloor diva resides in another. Although given she is always a ball of energy and positivity it isn’t that surprising really.

There’s one lawyer that willingly and gladly took her husband’s grandmother all the way to Port Macquarie to visit relatives last seen long-ago in order to fulfil her 93rd birthday wish.

Another is an absolute fashionista who is always surprising us with her flamboyant outfits. If any one of us need advice on what to wear to an upcoming event she will kindly donate her time and energy to finding just the right outfit, with matching accessories of course.

Then there is the one that volunteers his precious weekends at a local church and plants flowers with his young daughters that bring colour and the arrival of spring to the neighbourhood.

We also have a party animal who is always ready to get us all in the mood and ensures that any Best Wilson Buckley Family Law bus trip has a suitable karaoke component.

Two of our team vie for the right to be crowned the ‘Best Ever Pun-maker’, or to be included in the Greatest Dad Jokes of All Time book coming soon to a store near you.

One has a secret life under the cover of darkness reading trashy magazines and keeping a finger on the pulse of pop culture. All the while remembering everything about each and every one of us and each and every one of her clients and attending to two robust little girls.

A real life social experiment for another who gladly travels every few years to partake in a gruelling study that contributes to a better understanding of social factors and health outcomes that informs critical public policy across the world.

There’s another that provides access to quality legal advice for vulnerable women as a volunteer in her not too abundant spare time.

We also have a crowd-pleasing storyteller who never lets an opportunity pass by to regale all and sundry with tales of hilarity.

One volunteers two or three nights per week, plus weekends and personal holiday time to train the next generation of Australian netballers both on and off the court.

There is a mother of two very small children who bakes cakes that could be sold to the world’s elite they are so fancy.

Another has one of the world’s most infectious laughs that keeps us all in high spirits.

These are just some of the reasons that I’m still working with lawyers every day and why I now know that they are not quite as vanilla as you may have first thought.

In fact, these snippets of life as a family lawyer are in complete contrast to what most of us think about when we conjure up an image of a family lawyer Toowoomba.

See, they are real people too.

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