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Registering Your Relationship

By 10 March 2014De Facto Law

By Kara Best

Registering Your Relationship

A registered relationship is a legally recognised relationship between 2 adult individuals in Queensland. A registered relationship is normally considered when marriage is undesirable or unavailable, such as where a couple is opposed to marriage, or of the same-sex.

A registered relationship completely replaces the previous provision for a civil partnership under the Civil Partnerships Act. Any leftover references to civil partnerships or civil partners in Acts or documents are taken to be a reference to a registered relationship or partner, context permitting.


To register a relationship, both partners must:
1. Not be married,
2. No be in another registered relationship,
3. Not be in a prohibited relationship (such as a relationship with a lineal ancestor),

And at least one of the proposed partners must:
1. Be living in Queensland at least six months prior to the application.

Registration takes place through the Department of Justice’s Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. There is no fee associated with registering your relationship, however a fee is charged if a relationship certificate is requested.

Once the registrar receives an application, they must hold the application for 10 days prior to lodging and registering the application. This in referred to as the registration period.

Important Changes

A registered relationship not only provides state recognition and approval to a relationship, but it also provides certain changes to the legal status of both partners.

It is important that prior to registering a relationship, both parties seek legal advice. Parties to a registered relationship are treated as spouses, and as such registration impacts areas such as:

Property Law
• Payroll Tax
• Personal Injury
• Guardianship
• Succession and Intestacy

As such it is important that both parties seek to be informed of their new legal status and how it might impact their current situation.