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Thinking about Separation? Steps You can still Take During COVID

Separation during COVID-19

This past month has been a rocky road, and especially so if things between you and your partner were deteriorating BC (before COVID). Or perhaps the strain of everyday life during COVID and being emotionally heightened, stuck at home, and out of a normal routine has finally caught up with you.

Whatever the reason, making the decision to separate from your partner can be one of the biggest you will ever make and especially when it a decision made amidst in the shadow of a mountain of other worries and things to keep you awake at night.

No matter when you make the decision, before separating it is important that you are prepared for the challenges to come.

We have set out a few of the key considerations in this COVID-19 world when there is likely to be some additional anxiety.

  1. How this will affect your children. If you have children together, or from a previous relationship, it is important to understand how this will impact them. It is essential that your children feel safe during this process and are protected from any animosity caused by the separation, particularly as most children are at home during this time and exposed to any negative interactions between you both. It is important to seek advice in relation to any parenting arrangements that you wish to agree on and understand the consequences and obligations you are agreeing to.
  2. Your future living arrangements and separating under one roof. Leaving the family home is difficult, and it may seem impossible at the moment considering the current government restrictions and guidelines in relation to social distancing. A common mistake is thinking you have to live apart to be considered separated. When partners separate, sometimes they will continue to live in the same house for a period of time even without the current measures in place. Some people may continue living under one roof for days, weeks, months, or even years after separating.To separate under one roof, you will need to start living as though you are separated, even if you continue to provide some household assistance to each other such as cooking meals or cleaning the house. Find out more about living separately under one roof here.
  3. The financial impact of COVID-19 on your finances and property. The process of becoming financially separated can be confusing and often overwhelming, let alone when you are faced by elements such as financial uncertainty, potential job loss or not being able to make the next mortgage payment. Find out more about the Pros and Cons of delaying your property settlement in the current environment here.

Now is certainly not a time to delay separation and in most cases there is no reason why your separation cannot be successfully navigated in the current climate.

Regardless of where you are in your separation journey, Best Wilson Buckley Family law are able to provide you with the support you need and the advice you seek. Contact our Toowoomba family lawyers team today for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about your options.