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Social Isolation in our Shared Households


Many children live in two households consequent upon the separation of their parents. Whilst it goes without saying, social isolation or social distancing is arguably a redundant exercise in the absence of its adoption in both households. The structure of the Agreement below is intended to assist you in negotiating an understanding with your former partner, and allowing both of you to commit to a certain course solely with the wellbeing of your child or children in mind. It is intended to foster some certainty in uncertain times.

The team at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law include a parenting co-ordinator, mediator and collaborative practitioners. If you jointly need assistance to facilitate greater communication and broker agreement during these difficult times then consider engaging with one of our team jointly, and on a fixed fee basis to achieve an outlet for concern, a hand to communicate effectively and someone to guide resolution for both of you. This avoids the inherent cost and delay in the intervention of two lawyers, in a period where the Court is not realistically available to determine any dispute in the absence of resolution.

For assistance with your parenting and family law needs in these delicate times please contact our team via


We collectively agree, as parents of _____________________ and with their wellbeing and best interests in mind to:

  1. Adopt consistent guidelines between our households allowing our children to enjoy a consistent level of protection irrespective of the parent affording [him/her/them] care;
  2. Allow our children the benefit of speaking collectively with both of us about any concerns that they have as a result of the Covid-19 virus, and if one of us is unavailable, relaying the content of any discussion to the other parent;
  3. Allowing our children free and liberal telephone and video contact when in the care of the other parent;
  4. Communicate every [frequency] days at an agreed time of day in relation to matters impacting upon our household, including the diagnosis of anyone whom has had contact with our family unit;
  5. Adopt all government direction and guidelines;
  6. Assisting each other by being flexible in relation to time arrangements, and altering changeover arrangements to avoid unnecessary exposure to public locations by specifically using _________________;
  7. In relation to schooling, we agree:
    1. [to maintain the attendance of / to withdraw our child from]; and
    2. that [parent] will primarily attend to home schooling endeavours and be assisted by [please elaborate].
  8. Adopt the practices of social distancing (and assist the members of our household to do likewise), which will agree will include:
    1. practicing good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene:
    2. Avoid handshaking and greeting third parties with physical contact;
    3. washing our hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet;
    4. covering any cough and sneeze, disposing of tissues, and using alcohol-based hand sanitiser;
    5. if unwell, avoiding contact with others (staying more than 2 metres from people);
    6. regularly disinfecting high touch surfaces, such as tables, kitchen benches and doorknobs;
    7. Increasing ventilation in the home by opening windows and adjusting air conditioning;
    8. Visiting shops sparingly and buying more goods and services online where possible;
    9. Considering whether outings and travel, both individual and family, are sensible and necessary;
    10. At work, holding meetings via video conferencing or phone call and deferring large meetings;
    11. Promoting the strictest hygiene among food preparation;
    12. Cancelling large gatherings and events; and
    13. [any other agreed endeavours]
  9. We agree that if in dispute, we will seek out a mediator to assist to facilitate a discussion in relation to our concerns and broker an understanding as to how best to proceed together.

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