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In the world of technology, there is untapped potential available to people living on the land or in remote areas in respect of their ability to have appropriately trained and competent solicitors to represent parties, despite the issues related to distance. In this regard, we are able to represent clients from all over Australia, whether they are in a remote town along way west, Tasmania, or the far north Northern Territory.

This can be undertaken with the same skill and compassion as the many other matters we all undertake. The law in Australia in respect of family law is a federal law. This means that the system we work under, and the Courts we attend are based on similar structures and functions throughout the country (other than Western Australia). So whether you are based in Bourke, Goondiwindi or Atherton we can provide the right advice in your matter.

The facilities available for such advice, and preparation of materials and the like are varied and can be used to accommodate your situation, as follows:

  1. We can email. If you have email available to you it doesn’t matter if you are down the road, or thousands of kilometres away. The response time is still just as fast, and accurate.

While all solicitors manage their files in slightly different ways, Best Wilson Buckley Family Law and myself included work by the rule that each person should be responded to as soon as possible. This doesn’t always mean within 5 minutes, it depends whether I am in the office or in Court, or dealing with another clients matter, but I do attempt to contact each person back, on the day that they contacted me, if I can do so.

  1. We can use Skype style communications. When a matter is ongoing it is helpful to see who you are dealing with face-to-face, and in this regard, it can also enable a quicker working relationship when preparing Court documents for example. This can easily be arranged, and may just take us a little time to do so.
  1. The good old telephone. While we don’t always telephone as much as we all would have in the past, there is no reason this can’t be used. Again, I always endeavour to call back each client who calls within the shortest possible time I can.
  1. We are able to travel. As it is, with the office I work in being based in Toowoomba, travel is often required. At least one or two of the solicitors here are travelling each day and often more. We travel all directions by car, plane or whatever we need to take, depending on the needs of the clients, the matter and the Court/mediation we are involved in at the time.
  1. We don’t work ‘normal’ business hours. If you are working set hours (such as farming hours or any combination of times) we will use our best endeavours to work with you at the times you are available. Sometimes this might mean a night call (or communication) and that is usually not a problem. As I often say to clients, family law is not a 9 – 5 job, it doesn’t fit the ‘normal’ office hours, and if work outside of hours is required we endeavour to undertake this. We also have an emergency telephone number, which is provided to clients who have a need, and this phone is always in the care of one of our solicitors, who can direct the enquiry, give initial advice, and provide the information to the solicitor with carriage of your matter.
  1. We are also open to other methods – if you have something you feel is secure, and you are comfortable using, we are happy to consider that as well.

So whether your issue is about parenting matters and/or property settlement, your matter will be as unique as your actual family, and our ability to communicate with you can be as unique as you require.

In today’s society, families are not all the same. In fact, after 13 years of working solely in family law I can certainly attest that none of them are the same! Most often we see one parent families with a variety of structures for the time arrangements with the other parents, but there are also families with multiple parents, multiple step-children and siblings, grandparents and extended relative involvement. Some parents may all live in one area, others are widespread, and some plans involve pets or special items.

That is why a ‘one-size’ does not fit all for family law agreements, orders or plans and it is important that you involve a solicitor with the experience to give recommendations for dealing with your families actual situation. If you feel you need someone with extensive family law experience or expertise you should consider taking advantage of our ability to communicate with you, even if you are a long way from one of our physical offices.

Contact our team today to find out how we can work together to resolve your family law matter – wherever you are.

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