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Why I Do What I Do With Max Sutton

By 5 June 2019About Us
Max Sutton Solicitor

I wasn’t always set on being a solicitor. To be honest, for quite some time I wanted to be a palaeontologist! That’s right – I wanted to dig up and study dinosaurs!

So yes, it came as a big surprise when I said that I was off to study the law and become a lawyer. At the time, I didn’t really know what that may entail or even what kind of lawyer I wanted to be.

What I did know is that I enjoy learning new things and solving problems.

I set off and studied law and international relations at the University of Southern Queensland at Toowoomba. Fortunately, early on in my studies, I was awarded (as it was known back then) the Best Wilson Buckley Family Law Scholarship which came with a bit of work experience – which later transitioned into a permanent job!

I always maintain, and will continue to maintain, that I’ve ended up in family law by chance. But I’ve come to learn – and appreciate – that it is an area of law which encompasses a vast majority of legal principles and areas of practice, but also requires an element of human emotion and sensitivity.

So why do I do what I do?

At its most simplistic, because I enjoy what I do and because it provides me with an opportunity to help people, to problem-solve situations, and to learn. In fact, these three elements go hand-in-hand with being a lawyer.

Meeting new people and helping clients through, what can be for some, the worst time of their lives, is an important element to our profession. To be able to problem-solve a client’s issues and provide a way forward with certainty, to take each and every step with a client on a path to a resolution, and to watch a client grow and move on personally, is an immense privilege.

I really enjoy what I do and the profession I am in. As with anything, it can have some tough days. I hope to further my experience and knowledge and continue to offer a level of service that provides certainty and nurturing.