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Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is one alternative for reaching agreement and resolution for the future care and wellbeing of your children after separation.

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

FDR is a mediation type process where the FDR practitioner assists parties to identify the issues to be resolved, craft alternatives and evaluate those proposals to reach an agreement that can be documented as a formal parenting plan.

How can I access Family Dispute Resolution?

FDR is available through various government funded agencies including the Family Relationships Centre, Relationships Australia or Centacare. There is always high demand for government funded services and that can mean a lengthy waiting list. Options for private FDR also exist and fees for these services can vary. We can assist you in finding the right FDR practitioner for you and obtaining fee estimates. Contact our Toowoomba family lawyers today to find out more about FDR.

What if Family Dispute Resolution fails?

The future wellbeing and care of your children is not a decision you really want to leave up to a judge. The reality is though that sometimes even parents with the best of intentions cannot agree and there is a need to seek the intervention of the court in resolving a dispute about the parenting arrangements for your children.

Before you can make an application to the court you must participate, or attempt to participate, in FDR. In the event, you do not reach agreement the FDR practitioner can issue a section 60I certificate proving that you made a genuine attempt at FDR. They can also issue a certificate that a party did not make a genuine attempt resolution, or that a party did not attend FDR despite being invited to do so.

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