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Initial Advice

Find out where you stand with FREE initial advice online.

Best Wilson Buckley Family Law initial advice.

We offer a completely confidential, no obligation, fixed-fee initial appointment with an expert Toowoomba family lawyers to discuss your situation and explore your option.

This does not mean that you are necessarily ready to separate or start working with a family lawyer. While you could be mistaken that we have a vested interest in your separation, as your family lawyer our obligation is to ensure that you have exhausted the prospect of reconciliation and other options first.

About half of the people we see for initial advice do not go on to become ongoing clients. Some of them never actually separate. Often it is simply a matter of gathering knowledge, considering your options and then deciding whether separation and divorce is what you want, and if so what the right pathway for you might be.

If you would like to find out more about seeking initial advice, you can contact one of our offices or download our fact sheet on what to expect for your first appointment.

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